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Carefree living and renting on the Costa Blanca

Are you owner of a home or apartment on the Costa Blanca North (Alicante to Denia including the Jalón Valley), then you are at the right place at Ctrl Home Spain for everything that has to do with your home. Everything? Yes indeed everything, we we can help you to make and keep your home a dream home. From property management and cleaning to maintenance and rental.


We ensure that you can optimally enjoy your home during your well-deserved vacation. Your home not only for yourself but also as an rental investment? Ctrl Home Spain relieves you!


If you choose for Ctrl Home Spain, then you choose for a reliable partner who is always at your service and can always be reached by e-mail, telephone or WhatsApp, in this way you are assured of a fast service.


Because of the extensive range of services that we offer, we have worked out a few packages below, but this does not alter the fact that we can put together an individual package for you. We aim for a long-term cooperation, where reliability, flexibility and quality are unconditional. To guarantee this quality, we would like to mention that we perform all services below ourselves and do not outsource. We take care of your home as if it is ours!


Our services

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Property management

Property management, the reliable way.


Cleaning, garden and pool maintenance

Maintenance & Renovations

Keeping your home in optimum condition does not just mean cleaning. Your home must also be technically maintained. Occasionally there is sometimes something defective or you want to change something about your home.




Your home not only for yourself but also for others? Do you wish to rent out your property as an investment? Ctrl Home Spain ensures that all of this can be done without worry.

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