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1. Your immaculate home

Imagine, you come to celebrate your holiday in your own beautiful home and you can first spend time brushing. Can't be the intention, we think. At Ctrl Home Spain we ensure that you arrive in a spotless and fresh-smelling home. You give us your holiday planning and we do the rest. A filled fridge? No problem, give us your shopping list and you are assured of fresh food on arrival.

(example: home with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom: €100 per cleaning)

2. A crystal clear swimming pool

You'd rather not do a first dive in your pool if the water is not clear, but certainly not after the pool needs days of filtering. We ensure that your pool stays in optimum condition throughout the year by cleaning it every week and providing it with the right products. At the same time we do a check of the pump and filter system.

(example: contract on an annual basis: € 720 / year)

3. A well-kept garden

Little grass can be found in a regular garden in Spain, but the Mediterranean plants also need care. And a well-kept garden will make your holiday a success. Because you're not going to stand for pruning and sweeping on vacation, you can count on us. Your garden in top condition by Ctrl Home Spain.

(example average garden: € 360 / year)


After each visit / activity you will be informed by e-mail of the state of your home and the work performed, supplemented with some photos..


The prices of the cleaning services are very dependent on the size of your home, swimming pool and garden. The examples are given to give you an impression of the costs, but we make a personal offer for you.

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