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about us

Hello, we are Maaike and Kurt!


Nice that you have found the way to our website, here your Spanish dream comes true ... 


Who are we?

We are two sporty bon vivants who have lost our hearts for quite some time in Spain and more specifically in the region of the Jalón valley where you can enjoy the microclimate, nature and beautiful surroundings all year round. Maaike enjoys the Spanish sun, sea and beach while Kurt explores the region mainly on the racing bike and mountain bike. Together we have a son Myco who is equally fond of Spain.


Our story?

That starts sometime in 2013 when we came to visit family in Spain. Not realizing for the first time that our future lies in Spain. However, how do you start such a story and how do you avoid ending up in a typical 'I leave' story? Actually it is not all that difficult, but everything depends on reliable partners in 'the far-away Spain'. And that is not always easy. By trial and error we have meanwhile established a wide network, in particular Belgian, Dutch and English partners in such a way that we can contribute to the fulfillment of your Spanish dream. 


Our company?

We rely on our own strength, namely having our affairs in order. You can view everything 'in order' in many ways, both 'administrative' and 'order and cleanliness'. With this in mind, we have developed the Ctrl Home principle that equals reliability and quality within everything that has to do with your Spanish home. All our services (property management, rental service, maintenance, cleaning, ...) are tailored to this and can be found on our homepage. 


Do you have further questions about our services? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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