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Maintenance & Renovations

Keeping your home in optimum condition does not just mean cleaning. Your home must also be technically maintained. Occasionally there is sometimes something defective or you want to change something about your home. That is why Ctrl Home Spain offers you the following services:


1. Maintenance of technical installations

Your home will undoubtedly have a climate installation consisting of various devices, your swimming pool will have a pump installation and filters, and possibly your home will also have a separate heating system. These are some examples of installations that could potentially fail and where technical maintenance applies. This maintenance will consist of inspections, small or larger repairs or possible replacement. Based on the technical equipment of your home, we will make you a personal offer for the maintenance of the installation in question.

2. Renovations

You have found your perfect home, but there are some things that you would rather see differently. You would not be the first owner to find the bathroom or kitchen just a bit too Spanish. We at Ctrl Home Spain can take care of the custom execution of such small renovations so that your Spanish Casa becomes a real second home. Hereby we want to offer you the confidential guarantees in time and money.

3. Handyman service

Every now and then small chores will be forced on your home, such as a layer of paint on the walls, installing a new floor covering, a new bathroom furniture or shower, cleaning the chimney, etc. For such smaller jobs you can also always rely on Ctrl Home Spain.


The above services are subject to your personal wishes to the extent that it is not possible to specify standard prices. We are happy to prepare a personal offer for you.

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