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Propery Management


1. Key holder

It will just happen to you, you come off the plane and you notice that you have forgotten the key to your home. Great if Crtl Home Spain then has a spare key in the safe… We carefully manage the keys that you have handed over to us, so that you or your guests are always assured of a spare key at a reliable address.

2.General contact

We are the personal contact person for your home, if something needs to be arranged regarding mail, invoicing, utilities, insurance or the like, then we are at your service. During your absence we are the permanent manager / contact person, so maintenance companies, neighbors, association of owners, police or others can come to us. You can make our contact details over to them.

3. Control and inspection

Every month we visit your home for a thorough control and inspection. During this check, we check the condition of your home for burglary, leaks, water or storm damage and we have your home ventilated at the same time, we flush the toilets and drains and we check facilities such as: electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet, etc. After severe weather conditions, we carry out an additional check as standard. You will receive feedback from each inspection via e-mail including some reassuring photos. In the event of special circumstances or calamities, we will contact you immediately. We can then take the necessary actions in mutual consultation.


The costs of property management are only € 50 per month.



  • Administration (Nuts) Service –  €25 per month

  • Contact Person Alarm – €25 per month

  • Alarm Incidents Follow-up – €30 per hour

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